I have been renting from Victor and Kevin Black for over seven years. Victor and Kevin are both excellent landlords to rent from. If something needs to be repaired or replaced it usually gets done that day or the next. Both Victor and Kevin are very kind and caring and I have a great respect for both. I would recommend both as good landlords.

Debbie Morrell


I personally have been renting from Kevin for a while now. I moved away a few times and each time I moved back to Sussex, Kevin has had a rent for me and was very accommodating. The driveway and yard are always very well maintained all year (such as snow removal, salting the icy driveways and lawns mowed). Any time I ever have issues with things needing fixed he is always right on top of the problem and gets it looked after right away. Kevin is a very pleasant and friendly landlord and is always there to help in anyway possible. If you are looking for a place to rent and he has availability, I would highly recommend renting from him.

Annabelle Lockhart


We have rented from Blacks for almost four years. They have always been very prompt in assisting us with any problem. We enjoy living here.

Susan Berry


My wife and I have been renting from Mr. Kevin Black for almost 8 months now. He is an excellent landlord. He has been wonderful to us. Always quick to jump on anything that needs attention. He is very flexible, patient and approachable. If you are looking for a place to live in Sussex we would recommend searching for that perfect place here.

Pastor Cody Butler


Renting from Kevin and Victor Black is a very pleasant experience. Our building is very well maintained, both inside and out. The location is very central and makes traveling to any destination in Sussex so quick and easy. The apartments are very clean and attractive and very spacious and are equipped with a fridge and stove, and our laundry needs are quite adequate as well. Peace of mind is important and a security entrance is the answer for this need and our fire alarms are tested regularly. Repairs requested by tenants are made quickly and to the tenants satisfaction. The grounds outside are maintained both summer and winter and the treed lot is a joy to behold with the mix of trees and birds that inhabit them. Having lived here several years, I am confident in recommending our building to future tenants. For friendly, courteous service, call Teresa today with your inquiries about renting from Blacks.

Wallace A. Chase


I have rented from Kevin Black for close to 30 years, moving to Pleasant Ave in 1994. Kevin is a very satisfactory landlord, I can find no fault with him. I never have to wait for repairs, a quick call and the plumber or electrician is here. The halls are clean and walkways, if icy, are salted, the parking lot sanded. Every year Kevin upgrades the apartments, putting in wood floors and new tiling, the next year the driveway repaved. The snow is plowed in the winter promptly, and the grass is moved in the summer, with flowers planted in the front of the building. He even takes care of certain tenants when they are ill – he has always done so for me, for which I appreciate, as I don’t have family here. He takes care of the elderly male tenant in the building too. His rents are very fair, the cheapest in town. The apartments here are spacious and comfortable. In fact if I were to say I need my living room painted I’m sure the painter would show up the next day. I feel very fortunate to be living at 67 Pleasant Ave, and I’m sure I speak for other tenants as well.  I much prefer living in this apartment than to be living in a house, with all its upkeep. You’d be pleased to rent from Kevin Black.

Ruth Allen


We have been renting a wonderful apartment at 19 Elm Street for the last eight years. Our landlord, Kevin Black, has been so good to us. If there is anything we need, he is just a phone call away. Either Kevin or one of his employees are right there to attend to our needs. Being an older couple, Kevin has gone out of his way to accommodate us, whether it be the parking, making sure walkway is safe and cleared of snow, replacing our stove when needed and list can go on. We feel we have been very fortunate to have such an understanding landlord. Thank you Kevin for all that you do for us.

Ron and Thelma Moss


As a tenant of Black Holdings, for well over 5 years I can and will say that it has been a great experience. Victor, Kevin and Teresa have gone out of their way to take all stress from any call for repairs, they encourage us to call them if we find anything wrong. The response time for repairs is great same day or first thing next morning depending on problem. Rental in now for over 3 years and no major repairs and only couple small incidents, would be the first people I would recommend.

Willie McEwen


I am a tenant at 67 Pleasant Ave. and my wife and I have been living here going on five (5) years. Our Landlord is Black’s Holdings Ltd. (Victor and Kevin). We are seniors and have lived all over this country from B.C. to N.B. and these are the best Landlords we have ever had. The following are some of the features and benefits of renting from Black’s Holdings Ltd.:- Very reasonable rent; only a 2 1/2% increase in almost five (5) years; Free garbage pickup (large dumpster in yard); Mail delivered in private boxes inside the building; Secure building with intercom; Snow removal (including all decks and stairs); Lawns mowed and maintained in excellent condition; Speedy repairs or replacement to all calls; Large, comfortable apartments

Guy Bernard